Engine Parts I Can Restore, my Liver I Cannot

This is what my friend Kiyuna san told me this morning. How true.

We were going through the parts list for the overhaul of the engine. He is a lot of fun and seems determined not to waste money by buying new parts when the existing ones can be restored.



This is his workshop


Starter motor, whose death I had taken for granted. He has been soaking it in magic potion for a week and seems confident of resurrection.


Same thing for the alternator

Anyway, I am going to the States on Sunday after the Graduation. I will be away for a month. Kiyuna san says no problem, give me some money for parts and  the engine probably fixed when you get back. I sign over my life savings.

I have also finished cleaning and generally sprucing up the tank.

IMG_0337 (1).jpg

Smearing on nice thick coat of sealant.


Pretty tank

I find a tin of lamp oil made from boiled down blubber. I cannot wait to see if my lamps work.


Lamp oil.  How many whales died under the lash for that small tin?


It lights


Looks beautiful

I can now dream of long evenings at anchor in tropical bays, the cabin aglow with gentle oil lamp light, drinking cold beer to the serenade of fruit bat howls.

You know how it is.

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