I Stop and Smell the Flowers

I take a day off from cruel and unusual punishment and wander around. It is the best day. This time of year is unpredictable weather-wise in Okinawa. It can be drab rainy and grey, but this year the weather has been splendid, especially today.

I take a day off from the scraping and sanding. I just bike around the area around the apartment and enjoy early April.


Amaryllis growing wild

Morning Glory has special significance in Japan. https://quietripple.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/good-morning-glory/


It is in the hills, in the streets , on the landing grounds, on the beaches, we will never surrender.

I  return to one of my favorite spots, the tomb on the island.


This is 5 minutes from my flat. I find it mesmerizing but I have never met another human on my visits

This is a wonderful time in Okinawa. It is still cool enough such that you can open all your windows and a cooling breeze wafts through the apartment. Not long from now, we will be sealed in air conditioned space.


Just a reminder

I creep  into the university and I am stopped short by an amazing Ikebana display.


Tomomi, my former colleague did this.


Different angle

She is so talented.


Tomomi and Ben in SF

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