Spring Cleaning

I get to the boatyard early in the hope of painting.

I have to admit that that my little piece of boatyard has become  a mess. I am not good at overall things, I get too excited. I do the task at hand and think little about the environment I am working in. This is a weakness.

This morning,  I find that someone has totally cleaned up my little piece of heaven.






Skeg on!

I can only think that this is the work of Kiyuna san. He is a role model.

Obviously I feel guilt that someone else has cleaned up for me,  but, er, you know, pleased too. Thanks to whomever.

I paint. First I paint the engine compartment cover as a test piece.  I mix the the primer and thinner 50/50 as Sato san advised. This seems nuts to me, I mean too much thinner, but when in Rome.


Here we go.

Then I paint the starboard side of the boat.


So exciting!


This is a very diluted undercoat.


Top of transom

What I am trying to understand here, is whether the paint will adhere to the boat. There is a lot of  silicon around and I have had grave warnings of how the minutest traces of silicon will mess up the adherence. So far the paint likes the boat.

I also polish the starboard side with compound.


Buy this

This is a wonderful job. You rub the compound onto the sun destroyed hull and some time after you buff it up.  What was dull, grey, sad, suddenly is gleaming white, as in teeth.

Good day, but the sun is strong. I wonder how many hours I will be able to stay outside as the Summer moves in.

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