All Things Seem Possible in May.

It is very hot down at the boatyard.


View from my office.

As you will certainly remember, I am half way through my first coat of very diluted primer.  I now enter the cockpit. This is a bad place, full of latches, pumps, cleats, engine controls, all of which have to be removed to facilitate  the application of the many coats of primer and topcoat that are to come.

This is tedious work. Rather than creating, you are slowing down. You know, notwithstanding, that is is the right thing to do.  Taking off all these little attachments is a long job under the beating sun. The temptation is to paint around them, but I am too protestant to go in that direction.


I dismantle bilge pump, hatch latches, engine controls, and all kinds of stuff. Dozens of screws and retaining nuts.

James, my second son, persuaded me to buy an electric screwdriver. I had previously been luddite about these things. I was wrong. It is the best tool.


Thank you screwdriver.

When, if, it comes to attaching all the woodwork to the boat, my little screwdriver will be invaluable.

I become very familiar with Pre-Kote. She is a wonderful product.


Pre-Kote. Such integrity.

Her relationship with thinners is crucial to my paint project. She seems to mix well with them but in such heat the thinners, kinda, fade away leaving a paint mix that is too soupy.

The constant balance between  Pre-Kote and thinners has been an education.

I have now completed the first undercoat. I believe subsequent coats of primer and magical topcoat will go faster as all the preparatory work has been done.


The boat is looking very clean.

All of this is such fun. But how does fun relate to very hard work under the blazing sun?

I actually think they are complimentary. I suppose progress is key.

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