Actually, he wrote a story about an overcoat; I am still on the undercoat.

Before you start this, check out this video of a Norfolk Gypsy of the same vintage as mine.

This is what the end result should be like. The video shows the Thompson family, who build Norfolk boats in England and have been very helpful to and patient with, me.

I left you half way through the first coat of primer. I am now happy to state that I have now completed 2 coats of primer.

The boat looks great!



Painting boats is a manic activity as, as everybody knows, the success of a repaint is 90% due to the assiduity of the preparation.  Assiduity has never been a strong point of mine. To actually lay paint brush on surface is a very difficult act. You know that you could do more – more sanding, more cleaning and above all, more silicon trace blitzing.

I think I have mentioned that the smallest trace of silicon can seriously upset paint. I quote an authority,  “Silicone is a problem because it can migrate through the paint and penetrate the substrate.  When this happens the paint will lose adhesion and flake.  Also, re-painting will not adhere because the substrate is contaminated with silicone.”

I have never experienced this in my very soon to be 66 years, but it keeps me awake at night.  Every fitting, latch, board, trim, joint, screw, bolt, etc, on the boat has been liberally dosed with silicon sealant. This is evidence of the quality of construction. It is a nightmare when it comes to repainting.


Top deck during the first coat. Not much silicon here.



Front of cockpit during first coat

Anyway, I finally launch into it and have been painting feverishly.


First coat on cabin roof. The unpainted patches will be covered with Treadmaster non-slip mats that are, as I write, winging over from Norfolk.


Foredeck well being treated. The indentation where the samson post will be fitted had kilos of silicon sealant at the joint.


It is really hot. I have spent hours scraping and sanding off silicon around and under every fitting.

I have now completed two full coats of primer. Painting the cockpit is a test of character as there are so many little nooks and crannies that no one will see.   I have to sand and clean and de-siliconize  them, no matter what.

“Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody knows, but me.”

Sun is  a big issue. It is now 30 degrees and after 12:00 there is no point continuing as the hull is so hot.


Brother Ian sent me a fine sun hat. I have refrained from using it, not wanting to get it dirty. However a wide brimmed hat is essential now. 

Japan, how do I love you? Even in the back end of a boatyard there is a drinks machine.

I stop frequently for cold, cold, water.


You can get anything you want.

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