No Paint

So, things are a bit slow at the moment. The reason is that the estimable paint sensei has not yet mixed my paint – turning it from white to cream. He is very apologetic, which embarrasses me, because he is only doing it as a favor after all. Anyway he says he will drop the paint off on the boat on Friday.

Friday I am otherwise engaged, likewise Saturday. On 16th, er, Wednesday I go away for a week. This means I have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to complete paint job. Such deadlines, such stress.

However, I footle around with other jobs.


I mount the rudder, I paint the skegg and rudder drop plate with antifouling.

I then rub on and subsequently,  polish off, compound on the port side of the hull. This is such a good job as the benefits are so obvious.


Can you see the dry, matt front of hull compared to glistening back bit?

I wonder if I do this again the hull will come up even better.


Look, you can see the reflection of the boat next door!

Change of subject.

I check my post box and there is my car tax demand. This is always a high point of my year, as each year the letter design is different but aways stacked with glee and playfulness.


Here is the 2018 version. There are boats,dragons, clouds, cars, stars and it is pink. This is the way to collect taxes.

Paying these bills is super easy. You go to any convenience store,of which there are legion, and present the bill. The charming shop person grins and does the necessary.  2 minutes later, it is finished with lots of smiling and bowing.  Japan, how do I love thee.

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