A, Ab, Absque, Coram, De.

The boat thing is actually a finely tuned project management exercise. One thing has to be completed before another can be started. Major delays  on one activity renders other jobs impossible.

The biggest unknown, or punch in the mouth if you wish, is the center plate. I need to get the boat onto an even higher trailer to refine raising and lowering of the center plate. Height equals instability, trying to clamber around with paint pots and my huge bulk when she is precariously perched, augurs tragedy.  Health and safety demand that all painting is done before I try to get her onto a higher platform.

Anyway the basic message is; to keep the project moving, I have to finish painting. Painting is on the critical path.


Just a reminder

Saturday was the day to paint.  Friend and ex colleague, Natori san, kindly offers to help.  Two things go wrong. First, it is raining and second I do not have any paint.


Yay Natori san!

There is a guy at the boatyard who is the paint man. Yachts and boats are  being repainted all the time and he is in the thick of it. This is not simple stuff, but scrupulously careful preparation followed by high professional skills. This involves spraying on gel coat.  I could never do his job.

All well and good, but he said he would give me my newly tinted cream paint over a week ago but no show.

I rush to the boatyard this morning, Sunday, and Sapristi! there is my paint. Happiness and joy!


Such joy!

OK, so here we go!

This coat is the last of the undercoats. The formula  is 30% Pre Cote, 30% Toplac, 30% thinners.


Getting the paint right is crucial.


Cream, get on top.

It is very hot. This means that the paint goes off, cool speak for dries, very quickly. This is not good as you find yourself working with a viscous glue whereas what you want is a smooth, unguent fluid like Baxters  Royal Game Soup.


Little by little.

I can not paint for too long. There is heat exhaustion and also, and I can not think of the word for this syndrome, which is, at first I am very careful and scrupulous but as the day winds on, I just slap on the paint.


You have to know when to stop. Starboard.



Good day but you cannot paint well in high heat. I will be back very early tomorrow for the first topcoat.

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