I have lost the thread over the last days as I have been away. Anyway I have now given the the topside 2 coats of Pre-Kote and 2 coats of Toplac.

DSC_6303 (1).jpg

Looking good.

One more coat of Toplac should do it.

Painting a boat four times should be a selection procedure for senior executives. The first, maybe second time I am very careful and slow. The third and fourth times, I am much faster but sloppier. I cannot maintain attention to detail, I just want to get it done and move on. Is this a good or bad thing? What is the correct balance between accuracy and getting work done?

Once the the Topside is satisfactorily smeared with Toplac, we enter into the final painting phase – anti-slip!

Most of the cockpit and significant part of the top-deck have to be treated with anti-slip paint. Anti-slip paint prevents you from slipping, falling over the side and, er, drowning.


All the bits that are not white will have to be painted with anti-slip

I worry about how I will hunt down this very particular paint.

Sapristi! Sato san, for whom I have total respect, passes by and casually says, “Do you need anti-slip paint? I have some lying around.”

IMG_1057 (1).jpg

Yay! Sato san

The paint is called Interdeck. It is the best.



The drive home is a joy as the forest has never looked more beautiful.


This is not a good photo as it does not capture the blazing white of the Iju blossom

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