Clickety Click

I get a call from ex-work, asking if I can come in. I reply that I am flying to Hiroshima but can come in for a short time on the way to the airport. I really had no suspicion. It turns out to be a birthday ambush!


Amazing cake baked for Tomomi and I by the very sweet Natori san

Natori san is a good person. She has organized the event and baked the best cake. Tomomi and I have adjacent birthdays.


We blow for a long time without success.


Before tasting Natori san’s cake


After tasting Natori san’s cake


Suddenly I find myself in Hiroshima.


The chimneys locate sake breweries.


Nori san, Isobe san and I stand before one of the many spring of pure,pure water that supply the breweries.


We eat Okonomiyaki, of course.

Wonderful birthday!

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