If You’ve Been a Lady to Begin with

One thing that has characterized my life, is my incredible good luck.

I go down to the boatyard to get on with the spars. As I get out of the truck, I notice bits of wood on the ground that look familiar. I clamber onto the boat, with great risk to life and limb, to discover that the cabin hatch cover is damaged.


How did that happen?

The wooden trim at the entrance to the cabin, that I spent a lot of time repairing, has also disappeared and I have a terrible foreboding that the bits of smashed of wood  I spotted descending from the truck used to be it.


I tried. Now it has gone.

Kiyuna san shows and explains that, the day after the baby typhoon, he found the whole cabin hatch cover lying where I usually park the truck, .


Picture from the boat. It looks like the hatch cover was blown off by the wind, sailed over the very expensive speed boat and  touched down where you see the truck.

Had the cover crashed into the very classy boat to my left  – big problems. Indeed, had it sailed a little further and smashed into the boat on the far side of the parking place – big problems. I am very lucky, it landed on the only safe space.

It takes me a while to work out why it blew off. I had taken off the trim on the sides of the hatch cover to treat and varnish them individually to get high class paint job effect. I only replaced one side before the boat was hoisted onto the high trailer, making it very perilous to work high.  I did not replace the starboard side trim.  I now  know that the cover is held in place by these mahogany chiseled strips.The wind came and just lifted off the hatch cover like a kite. Rats!

No great mischief.

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