There is a general change of character in the boat project. The big numbers; engine, center plate, repaint, are now dealt with or under control.

We now move towards the final state.

I work on the boom and gaff.


Gaff jaws  leather protection now in place.


The admirable Tagushi san, previous owner,  left me clear instructions.


These are strips of brass that screw onto the boom. I do not know what they are for but they shine up nicely.

Following Tagushi san’s instructions, I re-install all the plates, cleats, bullseyes and the boom strop.


Boom is ready to go.

So, estimable send me the covers for the berths in the cabin. I am daunted as to how I find an upholsterer who will be able to fill them with foam rubber. Throughout this project, everything I have worried about has turned out to be very easily resolved. There is a message here. Er, don’t worry, be happy.

I mentioned my upholstery problem to Kano san, who is a retired teacher with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all  things Arthur Ransome.


Wonderful guy.

He says, ” Neil san, this is not a problem, there is someone who can stuff your seat just up the road.”

10 minutes later, Kiyuna san and I set off.  Kiyuna san says very little to the upholstery man and everything is fixed.


Okinawa. I could write many posts about his magical workshop. I get the interior of my cabin back on Thursday.


I ride out to watch the sunset,

Great day.

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