I have spoken frequently of the outrageously good luck that has characterized my life. There was another example today.

The boat is now ready to launch and Kiyuna san and I go off to pick up my beautiful new cabin cushions. They have been stored at the place where they were, er stuffed.

Nice new cushions

On the way back to the marina, steam starts pouring out from under the bonnet of the mighty Xtrail. Now here is the lucky bit, I am only a couple of hundred meters from the marina and sitting beside me is the best mechanic I have ever met. If the car had overheated on the expressway that I drive up and down most days, the consequences are too awful to think about. Phoning emergency services, getting the truck towed, finding a mechanic shop, etc etc all in Japanese. Instead I just park the truck, Kiyuna san takes over. The radiator has burst.

Cooling down radiator prior to inspection

Why the radiator burst we do not yet understand. No worries reassures Kiyuna san. He will take it out tomorrow and take it to a buddy who repairs radiators. I have to do nothing. Amazing.

Kiyuna san then says he will drive me home. We jump into his beaten up 600cc truck and scamper up to Onna. As we near my apartment, I ask if we can quickly pop in at my favorite woodworking shop as they are re-modeling the trim for the cabin hatch.

As we pull in Kiyuna san begins to screech as it turns out that the old guy who runs the place is one of his best friends! Much hilarity and fun. I like living in Okinawa.

Three version of hatch trim. Original at the bottom. First new version, which unfortunately cracked, at the top and today’ version in the middle. It is made from some very dense Okinawan hardwood and is extremely heavy.

The boat is effectively finished and I will launch her next week for sea trials.

I spend a lot of time raising and lowering the mainsail. I can now do this easily all by myself.
The man who stuffed my cushions is making me a new sail cover. The sun will destroy the sail in no time without a cover.
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