Contemporary Art

You may have noticed that boat activity has been slow-ish of late. This is because the boat is perched very high and I am too frightened to climb into her to do the many jobs that need to be done.

She is perched high so we can bring back the center plate from her much reduced state. I say we, but in reality it is Kiyuna san who does the clever stuff.


Vaguely Pollock?

We have been distracted by Sabani racing and a big conference at OIST, attended by many friends.

I go down this morning because a typhoon is coming in and find that Kiyuna san has been busy. The center plate is beautiful!


Happy happy, joy joy

A baby, we think, typhoon comes in tonight so everything has to be lashed to something. I have ladders, old sail bags, masts, booms, gaffs, all of which I lash  hard.


You see the engine and the old sail prepared for the typhoon.



The back of my truck has become a mobile workshop

Typhoons are actually very therapeutic. You cannot do anything other than  drink beer and watch University Challenge on Youtube.


Sunset last night


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