Turn Your Face to the Sun

So tropical storm Prapiroon comes barreling through. The worst was during the night and it actually felt more like a real typhoon than a measly tropical storm – lots of wind, lots of rain. As you know, the boat is up very high and I agonize that she has been blown off the trailer onto a neighboring boat, causing millions of yen of damage.


I have seen cars blown across parking lots in typhoons.

The video is early this morning by which time the storm was more or less blown out.

I phone Kiyuna san who tells me the boat is OK. Hooray!


All the fishing and dive boats have been taken out of the water.

One very positive aspect of typhoons is that seabirds are driven onshore, seeking shelter.

Yes! At Chioya harbor there is an amazing sight. A large, ~ 40, flock of Terns is crouching on the grass. These are rare and very wild creatures, usually only seen fishing out at sea. My understanding has been that Roseate and Black -Naped terns nest on wild cliffs in Okinawa  in the summer. There are also Whiskered Tens that fly through in September October. Today, however the majority of the flock are Little Terns! These I have never seen before.


Little Terns. Gimme shelter. Yellow bill.

I get a huge thrill from spotting unexpected birds.  I was able to drive very close and unleash the huge lens. Normally, Terns do not sit down and are very skittish. Today they posed.


Roseate Tern surrounded by Little Terns.  Red bill. Guess which direction the wind is coming from.


Rather shabby Black-Naped Tern.  Black bill. Click on these photos to get magnified view.

What fun!


Wild and wistful ocean.

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6 Responses to Turn Your Face to the Sun

  1. calderi says:

    Recommend “The Seabird’s Cry” by Adam Nicholson – I have been reading it in sunshattered Scotland.

  2. Alan says:

    Water and wind is your fear now in Okinawa – over here in Blighty stocks of fizzy drinks, beer and muffins are heavily depleted (CO2 shortage) whilst the cry goes out for more suntan lotion. Meanwhile the countryside burns – https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2018/jun/27/timelapse-footage-shows-huge-fire-at-saddleworth-moor-video

  3. Alan says:

    Have you read ‘Karluk’ by William Laird McKinlay? A first-hand account of the desperation and madness of men and ice.The monsters are all human.

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