Quite a Long Time

One of the first things I did when I came to Okinawa, now seven and a half years ago, was to go to the dentist. This is post number 3.


Since then I have had a lot of tooth stuff: extractions, endless root canal treatment, many crowns. Thank God for Japanese health care whereby I get all this very, very cheap. There are no frills.

IMG_1599 (1).jpg

The waiting room.

Anyway, I have tooth pain again.¬† Mori sensei, my best friend, fumes against Californian dentistry. “Bad work, no care!” It is true that 3 of my Japanese crowns were to replace crowns that I had paid a lot of money for in Palo Alto.¬† Infection had grown at the bottom of the root canal¬†necessitating removal of crown and restart of root canal treatment.

So, he rips off another $2000 crown and throws it in the bin. I reconcile myself to at least 10 visits to the dentist before the meticulous treatment is finished.


Mori sensei and I have been friends for over seven years. He also has a boat at the Marina and still has a Mohawk haircut.


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