The Kitagama kiln is I think the biggest in Okinawa. It is awe inspiring or awesome. if you prefer. https://quietripple.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/winter-in-okinawa/

Exquisite ceramics produced by craftsmen using the same techniques as their ancestors. Yes, quite, jolly good , ho hum:  what really excites me about the Kitagama, in my current state of mind, is their wood yard.


This only a remote corner

They have a field full of big chunks of wood that people have donated. The wood is eventually used to fire the kiln.

Some of the big balks are ideal for supporting the boat on the low trailer.


Thank you Matsuda sensei!

I have 4 like the above and today they come into their own. We move the boat off the high trailer!

It has been pouring with rain and there is a strong wind.

We gently lift her off the high cradle.


It is very windy and she begins to swing about.

So we move her out over the water and drop till she is nearly in the sea and very protected.



We bring in the low trailer and start to position her. Notice big balks of timber.


Final adjustments. Tabata san is of course on the phone.


Back where she belongs

So this is wonderful. I can now get on with all the jobs that have been delayed for 6 weeks. Thanks everyone at the boatyard for making the boat-move so much fun.

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4 Responses to Timber

  1. Alan says:

    Hooray! Looking very pretty in pink. How long do you think it will be now before she moves under her own sail/diesel?
    Do they get their wood back one day?

    • Hi Alan,
      Well, have to get the engine back in, hope that all the electrics work, which I doubt. I anticipate problems here.
      Then all the trim and rigging, sails have to be installed or er bent on. A lot depends on typhoons each one can slow you down for a week or so. So frankly I have no idea. Are y’all still sweltering?

  2. Alan says:

    Ah, yes, the electrics. Funny stuff, electricity. At least it won’t be on mains voltage so messing about with it won’t damage you. Hopefully the manufacturers put it all in easily accessible trunking,
    28C here today, 29C forecast for Monday, so it’s a bit cooler. Off to France in a couple of weeks and where we are going near Poitiers it is currently 36C – hopefully it’ll have gone below 30C by then. Not so different here from your place but probably less humid.

  3. calderi says:

    32 degrees. Good luck with the rigging – seems a lot simpler once it is up.

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