Heat Exhaustion

I knew that it would rain like crazy the night after we had re-trailered the boat. I am fed up with the boat filling up with water, so I rigged a big tarpaulin.


The trick with tarpaulins is to get the water to run off rather than gathering in slack parts of the cover. This is a science.

During the night, it rains in a very South Asian way. I rush down to the boatyard.  It is still raining. The tarp is horribly sunken with gallons of rainwater sagging in either side of the central support.  It is still raining hard. No work today.


It is raining  and there are swimming pools in the tarpaulin, however not in the boat. One good thing is I get to wear a Breton Sailor smock that my brother Ian sent me.

Today, er like a day later, it is back to 32 degrees with 80% humility.

I am so happy to get on with stuff. I install the samson post and then the bowsprit. Neither of these steps were easy. Patience and slowness are lessons that Kiyuna san has taught me and eventually everything works out just fine.


Samson post and bowsprit


She is installed. I will replace old rope with new, now I understand how it works.

I then move on to the Treadmaster mats that will be glued to the cabin roof.


Spot the Treadmaster mats.

These mats give grip as you stumble around the roof of the cabin trying to do sailing stuff.

Placing them is demanding. There has to be perfect left, right symmetry. I mean the mats on the port side should be identically positioned in relation to the mats on the starboard side.  Also I do not want to smear adhesive all over the place. This entails lots of measuring and taping.


Only the beginning

It is so hot!  I guzzle bottles of cold, cold water from the adjacent drinks machine.  I carefully align the mats and start taping . Soon I realize that I can not do this job.  I can not concentrate. My actions are clumsy and slow and I realize that I have to pack it in and er buy a pick up.


Working in 35 degree heat is not easy.



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2 Responses to Heat Exhaustion

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Young again. And “Only the Beginning” (actually Beginnings) is by Chicago but I guess you could sail there too like Bruce Willis in The Jackal.

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