Root Canal

I spend the first part of the morning in my second home – the Dentist. Yep more root canal stuff. I ask Mohawk Mori sensei how many visits he thinks this will take. ” Neil san, this will take months.” So be it.  My visit costs me 880 yen.

Back to the boatyard to continue the good work. I am now enabled and have made a lot of progress on the more cosmetic side of the restoration.


I stick down the Treadmaster mats. The battery is to apply pressure to the mats to enhance adhesion.


More Pollock

This is so much fun. I am making visible progress and the finishing line is in sight. The Becher’s Brook of electrics still has to be jumped  but I am feeling confident.


Treadmaster done, handrails done, cleats done, combings, er not seen much in photo, done.

All the running rigging, like halyards and sheets, is black after years of  Okinawan mildew. I put them through the washing machine.


Much cleaner but entangled

I buy more sunscreen.


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7 Responses to Root Canal

  1. Alan says:

    Was that dental visit just to get an idea of how long the treatment would take? If it was for more then, my, those Okinawan dentists are cheap. 8 USD is certainly impressively little for private treatment anywhere – have you left a zero off?. What are you actually having done? I’ve had a couple of dental implants – is this what is being done?

  2. Dentistry and indeed all healthcare is amazing in Okinawa. I am having root canal treatment. Each visit entails junior dentist always a young woman, maybe students, doing the prep work. This means removing the cement that protected the zone after the last visit. Then the Sensei arrives and and cleans out the root canal using a series of minute hand held augers. He then fills it up with antiseptic stuff.It takes about 20 mins. He then covers it up until the next visit. I anticipate at least 10 such visits before he refits a crown. I have already had 3.
    3 previous root canals have become infected. 2 from California, 1 from France. I think in Japan they are really, really careful.
    Implants sound awful.

  3. calderi says:

    Great to see the project progressing. How is your stern gland? A good seal is so reassuring.

  4. calderi says:

    Stern gland: A device to discourage leaks around the prop shaft. Commonly requiring grease injection by turning a screw as in the item shown in April 23 post. A source of considerable anxiety.

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