Fromage de Tete

Sorry for title inaccuracy, cannot find how to do accents etc.

I have always loved gelatinous food. France excelled in this genre with the Fromage de Tete. My Father would eat Pigs’ Faces whenever he could.

In Okinawa I can buy pigs’ trotters very cheap. I boil them slowly for many hours, throw in beans, peas, carrots and, in this most recent creation lentils. You pour the mixture into a mold and fridge it.

It sets. This is the best cold Summer food er unless you are Vegan.


There are few ways to produce something as satisfying.

Hey! Here are some people.


Tim, Mike san and Matsubara san on the boat

I go on a rare visit to OIST.


Natori san, what a great look! Ken Peach, who I first met in 1979, and Tim.

Julia, my beloved, has a baby.


Julia is the best. Beautiful Baby Tobi.

IMG_1927 (1).jpg


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3 Responses to Fromage de Tete

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    “unless you’re a vegan” LOL. By the way, for a brief moment, I almost misread your Dad’s love for pigs’ faces.

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