If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen.

Over the last week or so, the weather has been amazing, even by Okinawan standards. Hot, clear, blue and turquoise, then red as the sun goes down.


Looking out to Ie jima

DSC_7216 (1).jpg

Same thing, different lens.


From my balcony

But the work must go on. There are many small but not unimportant jobs to do.


I start to rasp the new gunwhale trim into the correct profile.

An interesting side effect of this job is that I rasp off the  print of my right hand forefinger. This means that I can not log into my iPhone nor iPad using  touch ID. It no longer recognizes my fingerprint. I am sure that it will grow back.


Actually this is not small. Installing the rudder plate has been a pain. Now it is done.

You may remember that Miyagi san offered to tie the eye splices in the halyards.


He does a great job.

I have also mentioned the reefing system in a previous post. https://quietripple.wordpress.com/2018/08/21/fiddly-stuff/

IMG_1939 (1).jpg

Beautifully handmade but I fear it is too big

Before raising the mast, I have to ensure that all the blocks, shackles, sheets, halyards, shrouds, lifts are correctly in place. If I get it wrong then I will have to lower the mast again to re-adjust. No great mischief, but you would like to get it right first time.


It will be alright once it is up.

I attach the blocks at the base of the tabernacle.

IMG_1946 (1).jpg

Tabernacle!  French Canadian.

All of this is in low 30s heat.  I sweat.


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