Rearu Handrailu

I come to my last box of screws. Previous owner, the diligent Taguchi san, had labelled and boxed hundreds of screws and fittings. All of these are now back in or on the boat.

I have no idea what the last box of screws is for. They are very long.


I should have noticed that most of these screws are bent. There is a message from Taguchi san.

Wonderful Rika san tells me that the message says rearu handrailu.

Everything gels.

I have two extra handrails that for months I have agonized over. There is no obvious place to put them. I consult various Norfolk Gypsy oracles but none come with an answer.


Ain’t got no home.

I suddenly know that they screw onto the combings. I have never seen an image of a Norfolk Gypsy with these handrails.


Yay! Notice also stern cleats that were absolutely awful to install. The securing nuts are only accessible through an inspection hatch in the rear lockers. My arthritic body  could not reach them Thanks again to the remarkably supple Rika san who nailed them.

I am very excited to screw down the handrails. So easy, 8 screws into existing holes. I completely screw it up. The screws are bent, the screw heads are badly stripped.  It becomes obvious that I need new screws. This is disappointing after  the elucidation of the last box.

I go to Makeman  to track down suitable replacements. I drive back to the boatyard, about 5 km.

I suddenly worry about my wallet. I search the car very diligently.  No wallet. All my cards, driving licences, you know. I see something on the roof of my truck. It is my wallet.


5 kms later. Still there. Luck has been the leitmotif of my life

The new screws are perfect! I have rear handrails. I wonder if any other Norfolk Gypsy owner can make the same claim.


Classy stern




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1 Response to Rearu Handrailu

  1. calderi says:

    Could the rails be a typhoon adaptation – something to hang onto, or maybe lash onto? Everything looks very fine – you won’t forget to put the lovely 1GM10 in —-

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