Bear Poop

Lightning break from the boatyard, finds  me at a bridge on a forest track just outside Yosemite. I have planned this trip for sometime. I want to drive the Old Coulterville Road, a Gold Rush era trail that passes through  mines and lots of graveyards. You need a serious 4 wheel drive vehicle to get along it. I have the Tacoma.


Such a great truck!


I’ll even kiss the Sunset pig.

How to get there: Okinawa to Tokyo, Tokyo to San Francisco, San Francisco to Coulterville, then 20 miles of back trails until I get to the bridge, which is the start of the Old Coulterville Road.

The bridge is barred. High Fire Risk. Oh. 


Best laid plans etc, etc.

I am not surprised as the country is very, very dry. A steely look would start a fire.

Not to worry, the hills around Yosemite are crisscrossed by trails and I head up one that turns out to be a winner. I set up camp at the top of the mountain and start the meal.


Very camp


Only the beginning.


Sautee de boeuf au champignons, sauce vin rouge. Everything tastes better outside.


Who wants to be a millionaire?

Not what was planned back in Onna son but still amazing. California is wonderful, a few hours drive from San Francisco, I am treading in bear poop.


200 metres from my camp.

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