Down by the River

The next day I head off to the Burma Grade Trail, another classic adventure through the history of the Gold Rush. The trail is characterized by the first 2 miles, an extremely steep shelf road ascent. On your left is a huge drop, in front a very narrow broken trail. It is a harrowing experience. With a sigh of relief, I get to the top and look forward to a calm drive along the plateau, with stops for graveyards.


Rats! Fire risk I guess.

No option but to turn around and drive back down the harrowing shelf road.

As always, things turn out best when things go against plans.

At the bottom of the shelf road is the Merced River. I drive along a trail beside the river. After a long time I come to a lost camp site.



Sun goes down.

It is Paradise.


My swimming hole. This is where I spend most of my time, up to the neck in clean river water.


Where I shower


My toilet!


My Bear, get out of here box.


Turkeys pass by.


Ground Squirrels  eat my left overs.

There is nobody here.




God bless America.

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