A Sudden Spurt

Refreshed by brief sojourn in the USA, I redouble my boatyard efforts. Um, actually I am very jet-lagged and when things do happen I generally stand around and watch.

The engine! A single cylinder of raw diesel torque. She is ready. You will remember that she had a hard passage through middle age, spending a lot of this period submerged.


Mid life crisis.

She has since gone through a complete rebuild under the hands of Surgeon Kiyuna.


Kiyuna san takes the engine for a stroll. Ritual is important.


Huge flywheel ! Final intimate greasings before the gearbox is finally attached.

Change of tack, notice nautical language, I have attached all the rigging complex to the mast. Next step is to raise the the damn thing. I entice a theoretical physicist to aid. They are the best in a tight corner.


Thanks Nic!

We, or to be truthful, I , make a complete mess of it. There are many ropes, blocks, lifts, associated to the mast.  They tangle, they intertwine, they sulk, thank God for a theoretical  physicist.


Kiyuna san watches politely amused.

Anyway we succeed, after several raisings and lowerings, to get the mast and all rigging in more or less the right place.





New halyards and topping lift. Notice restored Porta-potty on the left of the cockpit. I have not field tested it yet.

Today I rush down to Ginowan and find the Yanmar nestling in the boat.


Back where she belongs.

“When did you do this Kiyuna san?” I mean you need a crane and stuff.

“When you were sleeping, Neil san.”

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1 Response to A Sudden Spurt

  1. calderi says:

    V exciting, is the bottle of Awamori ready?

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