Election Weather

The importance of last Saturday’s election for the Governor of Okinawa was underlined by God sending a mega typhoon.


The election is fought essentially on, do the Okinawans want another US base? Denny Tamaki, bottom right, won, with the help of Nature demonstrating that she was fed up with environmental damage in Okinawa by doing quite a lot of environmental damage!


Typhoon Trami went right over us on Saturday, which was polling day. It was the real thing! Go out and vote!



How low will she go?

Power goes off at 11:30 am – no electricity, no AC, no water, no internet. The wind is crazy, howling and roaring with very heavy rain until about 2:00 when everything goes quiet as the eye of the storm passes over.

It goes crazy again about 6:00 and it also gets dark. I have no light to read by so I just sit there listening to the wind and hoping to sleep eventually.


Totally off scale.

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4 Responses to Election Weather

  1. Alan says:

    Trump deploying his secret weather weapon in a last ditch attempt to ward off US embarrassment in the election? Somebody’s head must be rolling back in the secret bunker under Trump Tower.
    Meanwhile – how’s the boat?

  2. calderi says:

    Great traces. These led lanterns which last for ages off an AA battery are great investments.

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