Always Have a Bucket

I was hopelessly unprepared for the reality of no power. I had no water, little food, no lamp nor candles. Of course all the shops were shut as they were in the same boat with no power.


Okinawan post typhoon roadside garbage.

I lived a very primitive life for 2 days. Water is pumped around the building  and with no electricity the pump stops. This mean the toilet does not flush, the shower does not work, you cannot wash up. Wise maidens have filled their bathtubs with water prior to the typhoon. I am not  a wise maiden but definitely will be in the future. You also need a bucket.

As soon as the wind allows, I go down to see if the boat is OK.


The next day

Lots of birds sheltering from the wind.


Black Backed Stilt.


Grey Tailed Tattler


Lots of this.


An inappropriate name.

A few boats blown off their cradles, some masts broken but not too bad considering the strength of the wind. The Norfolk Gypsy is fine – hooray!

Guess what? Another typhoon is coming on Friday. I have  a bucket.


Pretty bucket.

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