The last 10 days or so have been dominated by typhoon stuff. The first, Trami, was  a mega, ultra typhoon. The second, whose name I have already forgotten, was less kapow but it did rain like crazy.



I was so prepared.

I set up the boat for the typhoons with a focus on her not blowing away into the East China Sea, trailing multi-million yen lawsuits for damage to other boats. I succeeded.

I forgot completely to rig the tarpaulin to fend off heavy rainfall. I failed.

As soon as I can, I scurry down to the boat yard, to find a syphon set-up in the cockpit and suspicious scum lines around the cockpit walls.


See what I mean. Check out the dirty bath lines.

I meet with faithful Kiyuna san who explains that he came down twice  in one day during the rainy typhoon to empty the cockpit.   Thank you.

The risk is that the water level rises to the engine compartment hatch and floods the newly refurbished engine.

I will have to work out some way to drain the cockpit. I will be away from Okinawa for periods of several months and even with covers, there is a high risk that rain will fill up the cockpit. Hmmmm.

Anyway, the typhoons go to Spain and I start re-rigging the boat with the new rope that Sato san has furnished.

I, with help, take down the mast and position it in front of the boat. I have learnt that getting every stay, halyard, topping lift exactly in place prior to raising the mast is essential. I get it wrong in a remarkable variety of ways, very many times.


Is this right?


My left foot as I re-rig the boat

It turns out that two of the halyards are too short. “Pshaw” says Sato san, “No problem, I will extend them when I get back from delivering Lady Luck to  Yonabaru Marina.”

Splicing ropes to me is a magical skill but it is bread and butter to Sato san.

The weather is incredible!  Slightly less hot and blue.


Picnic time!


Back to normal

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2 Responses to Drenched

  1. calderi says:

    Not sure that would be classed as rain in Kintyre, “quite damp” perhaps. Find the mainbrace, splice it, repeat as required.

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