I am feeling very proud of myself as I succeeded in getting stuff from Japanese Amazon.



This what I got.


Solar panel to top up the bilge pump, Gulper, battery. Battery powered LED lights that might work as emergency navigation lights. Pretty pink camo life jacket.

I am nearing completion on my new crown. Today was fitting. It took 90 mins of exquisite adjustment to get it just right.


Akiko san places the crown and then slides red  paper between my teeth. She then says, ” Tap,tap tap ,tap or bite hardu, or grindu.” Analysing the runic traces left on the crown she then adjusts it minutely with an ancestral file. She does this a least 10 times.


The dentist is such good fun

Mori sensei has to check everything is OK and we swap boat typhoon stories. His boat is OK. The crown is finally stuck in place but this is only temporary as I have to come back in a week to make sure everything is OK before they take it off again and apply the permanent glue.  Such care, such precision, such ridiculously low price!


In the boat I find a Sabani boat race T-shirt. You remember that we came last!


The weather has changed. It is grey and blusterly, rain is forecast. I rig the tarpaulin.


It is only 27 degrees

I buy the best Sashimi in the world from my local corner shop.


Parrot fish, 2 different kinds of Tuna, sauce. 500 yen that is $4.45. Today’s catch.


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