What a Fluke

Almost exactly 20 years ago, I went to the Campbeltown Folk Festival. The lead bands were Shooglenifty and Flook. I had the opportunity to talk a lot to Brian Finnegan, one of Flook’s flute folk. During the concert he had been playing a bamboo flute in F. I asked where he got it from and he kindly went to find the address of Patrick Olwell. http://www.irishfluteguide.info/patrick-olwell-interview/   

I wrote to Patrick Olwell and a few months later I got a bamboo flute in F.

Patrick is now recognized as the leading flute maker in the world. You wait a minimum of 6 years to get a new flute.


Here it is today. 20 years later. Incredible flute!

What I like about this flute is that it is just a bit of bamboo with some holes in it. It can nevertheless pump out wonderful music, er, in the right hands.

To my amazement, Flook come to Okinawa. Not just Okinawa but to Ginoza, a tiny coastal town on the East.coast.


Hard to define the strangeness of this. Ginoza is nowhere but some far-sighted folk have started to invite amazing acts to the newly created Farm Club. Thank you.


What a great place to play. All Flook photos thanks to Ginoza Farm Club.


What do you call two flutes playing A? ………. A chord.


Will Cipriani play for England?

So,  Flook:


were incredible and of course the Okinawans danced throughout the concert.



We talk, they remember me, we cry on each others’ shoulders.


John Joe Kelly




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3 Responses to What a Fluke

  1. calderi says:

    Campbeltown was what we talked about when I met Princess Anne; she know a lot, but did not mention Flook’s visit.

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