Oxi Clean

My jeans are always grubby. Just putting them through the cold wash, only option on Japan, does not remove the grime.

On  a recent visit to the university, an esteemed colleague immediately comments on how grubby my jeans are. I am abashed. I ask Naoko for help and she recommends Oxi Clean, an American product reputedly excellent for dislodging dirt.

After messing about on the boat, I go to adjacent megasupermarket San A  to buy Oxi Clean. A charming assistant helps me but after much diligent searching she finally admits that that San A does not stock Oxi Clean. She suggests that I try Tokyu Hands, another massive store in the same mall. I thank her profusely and go to buy some potatoes. At the check out, one of thirteen, the assistant rushes up to me and indicates that Tokyu Hands does stock Oxi Clean. She has rung a friend who works there, I think. So kind.

I shuffle off to Tokyu Hands, which is huge, and as soon as I start looking another assistant comes up to me and asks with a big smile,”Oxi Clean desuka?”  She has been waiting for me and immediately takes me to the Oxi Clean location.

IMG_2227 (1).jpg

One sixteenth of Tokyu Hands. Find the Oxi Clean.

I will never get used to the level of service in Japan. Thank you.


Can’t wait to wash my jeans.


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1 Response to Oxi Clean

  1. Rosemary says:

    When Arial, the first biological washing powder, came out I soaked my pants for an hour before washing as I had no washing machine. When I took them out…… There was not a lot left. I hope this does not happen with your jeans! Good luck!

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