Woe, Destruction, Ruin, and Decay

The Okinawan climate is very hard on boats. The worst culprit is intense sun that dries out and bleaches all the woodwork. At the start of the project I gave all the wood 6 coats of wood treatment stuff and 4 coats of yacht varnish. I thought that would set me up for  a couple of years. Not so.


The top 2 slats normally face inwards and are unharmed The bottom slat is nearly white again after 6 months


The combings were jet black and shiny a couple of months ago.

The other problem is very high humility. This causes rust on any iron/steel fittings and mildew on any surface.


My happy hippo winch is rusting after a couple of months.

I forgot to mention that the mighty Yanmar is now bolted in place and fully wired up! Just needs diesel and a battery.


It has been a long job. Notice mildew on the engine compartment walls.


No rust on air intake a couple of weeks ago.


I repaint the happy hippo winch with heavy duty anti rust paint.

I take great care on this job.  I tape everything off to avoid any sloppy smears or dribbles. I have nearly finished when, to my dismay, I find there is paint everywhere!



The loose ends of my OIST Graduation bracelet have been dangling into the paint and dribbling it all over. No more hippy stuff for me.

I will be leaving the boat for 4 months. I can see that on my return, I will have to do a major wood repaint and mildew clean.


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2 Responses to Woe, Destruction, Ruin, and Decay

  1. calderi says:

    Take local advice(s), but many gurus say teak is best left untreated. The grey surface is the best protection. KBO.

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