Camper Smoke

As  you know, there has been a devastating fire North East of San Francisco. Many have perished in the worst recorded forest fire in California history.

I head straight towards it to have my 4 Wheel Camper fitted.  Strange trip. There is thick smoke everywhere and the usual landmarks, ocean, mountains, bridges, have all disappeared.

Anyway I get to Woodlands.


Truck before camper. Strangely visibility better in Woodlands than in SF.

The people at 4 Wheel Campers do a great job.

It only takes an hour to get the camper fully installed.


Jessica explains how it all works.


Camper in camping plumage.


Camper in traveling plumage. Sun going down in the smoke.

Yay, I have my Camper after a couple of years of planning.

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2 Responses to Camper Smoke

  1. calderi says:

    How many times do most folks drive off without collapsing the tent thingy?

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