I live on Fell St in San Francisco. I have to write a little something to say how much I like living here. The houses are beautiful, most built around 1900 – old in the U.S.


I live in that house.

Just across the road is the Panhandle Park.


Oldest trees in San Francisco.

Parking in San Francisco, as in any city, is a big pain. Not so on Fell; a couple of years ago the city  decreed that only those living on Fell could park on Fell. You have to apply for a residents parking permit but it costs very little. This means I can park the truck outside the house or in the near vicinity. What a difference this makes!


Suitably colored Gold.


Truck under old tree just across the road from house.

Two blocks South, which is a pleasant 5 minute stroll, is Haight St with everything you could want; hardware store, great food stores, restaurants, bars, celebrity. 6 minute stroll East is Divisidero with equally everything you could want.

Not far away is Bevmo, the world’s best wine store. Huge selection and crazy marketing, so if you buy one bottle, you get a second for 5 cents.


Bevvy Mo. One of many aisles.


So you get 2 of these for $18. I don’t understand.

Every morning, I stumble to  Central Coffee for my double shot Americano. They are nice to me. They call me Neil. http://centralcoffeesf.com

On the hill behind Fell, is the University of San Francisco’s Koret Sports Center. https://www.usfca.edu/koret This incredible facility is open to local residents.  Well, it has been pretty  much closed recently because of air pollution and Thanksgiving, but on Monday I start an  intensive course of Boxing, Swimming and Yoga. These are all supervised classes with instructors who know what they are doing. I will lose 15 kilos.

Then there is my room, which I love.


View of room with some of James’ amazing mirrors.

I am very happy here.


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3 Responses to Fell

  1. Alan says:

    15kg? Sounds like a decent target and the gym stuff will probably help a bit but not a chance if you don’t keep away from places serving those appalling burgers and chips you showed in an earlier post!
    Is this weight loss going to happen before you set off in your camper for your trip? Be great to know where you’re intending to go for four months at this, the worst time of the year (echoes of Robert Frost come to me!). Have you got snow tyres on the machine or are you intending to head south, down Mexico way? (echoes of Gene Autry this time!) Will the Golden Wonder let you in again if you leave the USA?
    That bottle offer in Bevmo is what we call a BOGOF scam. Take a cheap bottle of wine and offer two of them for fractionally less than twice what you claim to be your normal price and in roll the profits! That Serabel Cotes is on sale here for some 8 pounds a bottle in various places so not so far off the asking price there. Probably nothing wrong with the wine at that price but it’s an old trick now.

  2. I’m going way down South,
    Way down New Mexico way.
    Ain’t no hangman gonna put no noose around me etc.
    I am going to a bird photography course somewhere in southern New Mexico in early January. I will gently wander down there and then come back even slower, probably through Mexico.
    Sorry to hear about the wine. I was happy for a while there.
    The camper is terrific!

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