Sitting/Lying Around

After a truly wonderful time in Scotland, I am definitely moving back, I return to San Francisco and am immediately scythed down by Covid. Not so bad as I had son James to generally look after me, go shopping and such. Not surprisingly, after a couple of days, poor James is also scythed down. Sorry James.

We have spent the last 5 or 6 days in lock down in the apartment.

Not so bad as San Francisco has fantastic deliver to your home systems. I use Instacart They work with a huge range of stores. You go to the store website order whatever you want and an hour later it is delivered to your door by gleeful young Californians.

Steaks, sausages, a chicken, pork chops, brussell sprouts, potatoes, onions, milk, apricot jam, olive bread, rhubarb pie and lots of other stuff from Gus’s, a fantastic store on Haight. I have written about Gus’s before

Booze from Bevmo, Cider, beer, lots of wine from Bevmo. I have written about Bevmo before:

The problem is neither James nor I have any appetite nor inclination to drink. Anticipated banquets stay in the fridge.

What to do day after day? Buy stuff from Amazon of course.

Coleman hiking boots. My former faithful pair gave up the ghost as I was sprinkling my Mother’s ashes on Dun Skeig.

New flute!

I am reluctant to take my Willis and Goodlad, of which I have written before, trips. She is so wonderful but I worry about damaging her, which would be a crime against humanity. I get a carbon fiber flute made by Carbony: These are indestructible and I am very much enjoying trying to get the best sound out of it.

New futon cover. Dark color hides the dirt.

Stuff for cleaning and protecting the ‘canvases’ on the camper.

New lens cap and lanyard thing for the big lens.

2 new pillows

Self explanatory

I love this stuff. Delighted to find it on Amazon. I thought it was a uniquely Japanese thing.

Nice red teapot.

Stanford T-shirt

Hub cap for 2012 Tacoma. You can get anything on Amazon.

Trousers that fit my huge bulk. Impossible to find in Japan.

Amazon is incredible! The most obscure stuff is delivered to your door the next day. Perfect for Covid boredom. Also makes for truly nail biting blog entries.

I feel much better but I am scared of taking another test in case it is positive again. Hmmm, maybe wait until tomorrow. Any suggestions as to what I can buy on Amazon are much appreciated. Maybe some Salt Cod.

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5 Responses to Sitting/Lying Around

  1. Rosemary says:

    Is it a wool pillow?

  2. Lauren says:

    Pahaaaaaaa I simply LOVE your blog entries – they get funnier the more bored and stationary you are! Lxxx

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