All Things Come to Those Who Wait.

I fly back to San Francisco, having had a negative Covid test before getting on the plane.

A couple of days after arrival, I begin to feel bad, sore throat, cough, headache etc. I don’t worry about covid on account of the recent test.

Son James has some do it yourself covid tests and after a few days of no noticeable improvement, I test myself.

One day apart. Same result!

I have Covid.

I somehow felt I had got away with it and would miss infection. Hubris.

I really do not want to spend days isolated in my room. There are so many great things I want to do! Luckily I have James to look after me, I mean like going out to buy beer.

Oh well, I suppose I will spend the time buying myself presents on Amazon.

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2 Responses to All Things Come to Those Who Wait.

  1. Harry says:

    Me too. We’ll get over it. Gambatte!

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