Bass Rock

I leave Kintyre and spend time with university friends. These are people I met in 1970. Over 50 years of friendship.

Will takes me to drop off my car as I am too scared to go alone. I then get a train to Edinburgh and stay with George and Jenny. Next day I take the train to Dunbar, or Sunny Dunny as it is known. Sure enough it is another perfect day. I meet Alison, another St Andrews friend and we have a glorious time in the sun.

Dunbar Kittewake.

She has a a boisterous 1 year old Poodle/Golden Retriever cross doggie called Freya. Such fun to take a dog for a walk. Anyway, you can see Bass Rock from Dunbar and Alison helps me book a boat trip the following day.

The next day was one of the best ever. Train to North Berwick and boat out to the rock.

Bass Rock! Thousands and thousands of Gannets.

I am dazed with happiness. I am on a boat, there are thousands of birds, it is a beautiful day, I have my big lens and new camera.

Soppy Gannets

Razorbills in front, Guillemots behind

Amazing birds

Click on all photos and then click again for super magnification.

They are building nests.

So elegant

Back to harbor for delicious fish and chips and squid from a shack on the harbor wall.

So good. Eating fish and chips outside on a sunny day by the sea beats most everything.

I am definitely moving back to Scotland!

Back to Bishopton to Will and Barbara’s place. Will heroically drives me to the airport at 4:15. I thought there would be no one there but hundreds of people are waiting in line to get through security at 4:30 in the morning.

Thanks to Will and Barbara, George and Jenny, Alison for their outstanding kindness and hospitality. So good to see them all again.

An excellent holiday.

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