Scotland the Brave!

The whole Calder clan unites in Scotland to sprinkle our Mother’s ashes.

After a very long trip, Okinawa,Tokyo, Istanbul, Dublin, Glasgow, I find myself in a grubby Portacabin on a filthy potholed yard somewhere in Paisley. I am there to pick up a rental car. The guy is very aggressive throughout and there is a random drunken Irishman who keeps interrupting. 

I say “How can I get to Bishopton?

He says,”Take the M8.”

I say, “How can I get to the M8 from here?”

He says, “You read the fucking signs.”

Ah Caledonia!

We follow the signs. Jeremy and James

There are about 20 of us and we hole up in a palace overlooking the Kilbrannan Sound that has fantastic views across to Arran. 


Obeying our Mother’s request, we scatter on top of Dun Skeig and also bury in the family grave.

Dun Skeig
Family on Dun Skeig
James scatters

Ferries to and from Islay

The rest of the time we walk a bit but principally eat and drink.

Separate table for the kids

Breakfast – Haggis and eggs. Thanks Ian.
Amazing seafood

More amazing seafood
James and Jeremy get ready to eat.

Fresh eggs by the roadside

I get a cake! Nice Emma is the best.

It is so good to see all the family. 

Ferry in front of Jura

Massive kudos to sister Rosy and brother in law Barry for impeccable organization.

Sorry, Scottish birds.

House Martin
Mr Pheasant
F*ck off Mr Pheasant

Herring Gull
Tarbert Harbour
Not birds but Clydesdales

Bumble bee on azalea.

There but for fortune

Cruel sea

The weather was perfect throughout, the woods are carpeted with bluebells, there are rhododendrons and azaleas flowering everywhere.


The gorse or whins, if you prefer, is in full flower. So beautiful;

Such a feeling of ancientness.

Beacharr, 5000 BC


I am definitely moving back to Scotland.

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2 Responses to Scotland the Brave!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Dear Neil:
    Thanks for sharing. Will you take your boat from Ginowan to Scotland?


  2. virtuallyrachelgmailcom says:

    Thanks for this; and PLEASE don’t move back to Scotland very soon … we must first get together! ~Rachel

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