Back to Normal

I test negative! Hooray! After 2 weeks of isolated languor I can get on with life again.

The Government sends me lots of free antigen tests.

We take down the barrier between my room and the one behind, creating a luxurious 2 room suite.

Original doors appear
I can drive the truck around in here.

It is a great space.

Two room Calder. I am coming up in the world.
Very nice

It costs $100 to fill up the truck! Used to be $50. I blame everybody.

James gets new collapsible Kayak. Lots of fun ahead!

I find Greta hanging around in San Francisco. We used to work together.

We have a wonderful day, eating and driving around the city in the truck.

She is the best.

I give a talk at the University of San Francisco on the History of CERN, my part in its downfall. Robert Cailliau (Zoom) and Bebo White (in the flesh) also speak. I could not remember anything and so reread all the Press Releases that I had written for CERN since 1989. Amazing! I was so lucky to have been involved in all that stuff.


So much fun working with Roberto and Bebo again.

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4 Responses to Back to Normal

  1. calderi says:

    Great Kayak!

  2. Alan says:

    Hey, he’s back! Was starting to wonder if the infection had killed off the blog.
    Interesting looking kayak that James is sitting in – can’t help wondering how it would cope with bashing against some riverbed rocks!
    Good to see Robert Cailliau again – must be years since I last saw him although I have noticed his name a couple of times in the New Scientist letters section.
    Hope that post-Covid brainfog didn’t hamper your talk too much – age and distance in time is bad enough. Gosh, how much fuel does the truck hold? How many US gallons do you get for $100?

    • Kayak does look a bit fragile but it is super light and foldable. Robert in great form – very polemic about everything. I just told anecdotes about Carlo Rubbia; works every time. Gas is about $7:00 a gallon. I expect civil unrest.

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