All Better

I don’t think I mentioned that another victim of the Cerro Gordo road was one of my suspension air bags.  The stock springs can not take the weight of the camper. The airbags lift the back of the truck and generally give a better ride.   Anyway, one blew 3 weeks after I had them installed in San Francisco.  This put the truck on a tilt so I had to empty the air from the other airbag.

I limp back, with a pronounced fore-aft list, to Woodland where the folks at 4Wheel Campers have been more than helpful.

The journey was exceptional in its own way as there had been a lot of snow and some parts of the road were very bad. 45 mph most of the time.

I made it to Woodland after dark but Aaron from 4Wheel Campers had offered to let me stay in the camper on their site.

8:30 the next morning they grab my rig and start fixing it. These are busy people and I really appreciate that they change their schedule to get me back on the road.


Yay! Aaron at 8:30 and we are off

They fix  various cosmetic damage with new trim, install special safety chains, which would stop the camper sliding out if ever the turnbuckles loosen. However to stop that eventuality, they install lock nuts on all the turnbuckles that should prevent them from moving.



They also refit the electrical connection from the truck to the camper, which had been ripped out, and carefully slide the camper back onto the bed of the truck. All better!



They do not charge me.

It is when things go wrong that you have the most rewarding experiences – well up to a point. Everyone I have met during this, er, incident has been wonderful. None more so than the 4 Wheel Camper crew, who did everything possible to help me get my dream of bumbling around the West, watching birds and sleeping in the camper, back on track.


Thanks 4 Wheel Campers. Amazing service!

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3 Responses to All Better

  1. Alan says:

    Phew! Good news! Those safety chains sound like they should be a standard fitting. So where to next? Once you’ve got a new air bag!
    45mph on snowy roads sounds pretty speedy. I wonder what effect the aerodynamics of the protruding tongue of the camper has on the truck’s stability at speed.
    Have some fun now!

  2. calderi says:

    We saw TV footage of the snow in Ca – maybe some chains would be good. Hats off to the 4WC folk ! Who knew there were airbags – apart from in the dashboard?

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