Small Print

I got a mild sunburn during my trip to the mountains. I bought a bottle of moisturizer cream named Oil of Olay. On the bottle was marked in big letters “ultra hydratant”,”ultra moisture.” Oh good I thought and slathered it on my face.

A few hours later the sunburn had got worse and my face was painful. Lots more cream. I woke up to find extreme sunburn and much pain. Lots more cream. I was confused as I have just been through the blazing Okinawa Summer with no real problems yet a few hours in the Sierras has apparently scorched my face.

A few hours of mountain air?

Anyway after 2 days of applying loads of cream, my face is covered in some kind of crud and I begin to suspect that something is not right. I look at the bottle and way down at the bottom in small print is marked “shampoo.”

This one is actually Body Wash but Shampoo was in the same place on my bottle.

Lots of concentrated shampoo is very bad for your skin. It is caustic.

Always read the small print!

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5 Responses to Small Print

  1. Rosemary says:

    Mum always swore by Oil of Olay, it must have embedded itself deep. Try washing with olive oil for a bit, sounds weird but……

  2. Alan says:

    Tis the curse of the Calders – this one at least. I burn pretty easily so long ago I adopted Sid the Seagull’s advice , Worth a try? Factor 50 is your friend!
    In mum’s day it would have been Oil of Ulay in the UK. For some reason it was thought to sound better but apparently we’re more tolerant of strange names now.

    • Hi Alan, I don’t think I wrote this post very well. The damage was caused not by the sun but by rubbing highly caustic shampoo into my face for 3 days! Very stupid.
      Air bags replaced on warranty meaning I am back on the road. Hooray!

  3. Alan says:

    Any update on Burnt Njal? Have you fully sloughed your skin yet?

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