I spend the night in the country outside Monument Valley. Not long after I had set up the camper, an old Indian guy rumbles up in a truly massive truck. He has come from a small er farm a mile or so down the track.

At first he says I can not stay there but once I explain that I am old like him and want to be warm, he says “Ha, no problem brother, you stay here. I just don’t like the drunks who drive around the water tower.” I know what he means. The camper is very snug and warm, the scenery is very big and at this time of the year, very cold.

Next morning I go to Monument Valley.  It is thronged, even though I must be one of the first to get there.

Piggy in the middle.

Busloads of Chinese and Russian tourists take pictures in the sub zero temperature.

Kind Russians take my photo.

I become claustrophobic, too many people, so I leave Monument Valley and head off to Goosenecks Bends. I set up at the campsite very early as I am determined to cook something, being heartily sick of the gas station sandwich. It is very cold.

Gooseneck Bends. Cold

The furnace, camper talk for heater, will not start. This is terrible news. I change propane bottles, check all connections, pray, but it is no good, there will be no heat.

Already cold.

I cook up steak and courgettes in the dutch oven, bring the food into the camper but by the time I start to eat, it is already cold. The beer starts to freeze by the end of the meal. It is well below freezing inside the camper and at 6:00 I heap all warm stuff onto the bed and attempt to sleep.

It is a cold night and I wake up to icicles of condensation inside the camper. It has snowed.

It is very cold in the high desert.
Cruel morning.

I drive off to The Valley of the Gods which is essentially next door. It is no good: it is snowing, very grey and the road is becoming increasingly slippery.

Cold – way below freezing.

I finally capitulate and head into Blanding, famous for the Super 8 Motel.

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7 Responses to Cold

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Happy New Year Neil, you hardy traveller you.

  2. Ian Calder says:

    Great photos. I did not know that it got so cold there. You really, really need an indoor cooker. I use an alcohol stove in the shed. Light, foolproof, cheap. See “alcohol stoves for camping”. And a down jacket.

  3. Kaoru Natori says:

    Happy New Year Neil-san! Please escape from the cold weather and be safe on your way out!

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