I gaze out of the window of the Super 8 Motel in Blanding onto a glorious sunny morning.

Hurrah, the snow has stopped and adventure is in the air.

I drive down the Comb Ridge Trail a dirt trail with the most spectacular camping sites.

Comb Ridge. Come again er in the spring.

I then head back to the Valley of the Gods. It is an amazing place in the sun. I set up camp. The furnace in the camper works. I cook chicken. Hooray!

Sun goes down on Valley of the Gods camp.

The next day, still beautiful weather, I have a look at Natural Bridges National Monument. To get there, you have to use one of America’s most unusual highways.

Click on this photo to see the road.

I then head over to Hovenweep, one of the best sites of Anasazi buildings.

The place is closed – Government shutdown. Notwithstanding, I set up in the amazing campsite that has a wonderful view over to the Ute Mountains in Colorado.

Looks like Cara, the island off Kintyre in Scotland.

The furnace works, I cook chicken again and look forward to a long hike around the Anasazi ruins tomorrow. Thank God the bad weather has gone.

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