What a good name for the place where I am. It is a 10 mile long beach with pelicans and dolphins frisking just yards into the Sea of Cortez. It is hot and wonderful.

From my bed.
Can’t go any further in that direction

I am urged to get my eye looked at. I wander over to the restaurant which is near my place on the beach. The nice people there tell me that there is an eye doctor in the town of Hautabampo, just 15 kms away.

The doctor is a great guy and although he does not speak English, this is compensated by all the eye doctor machines that we get to play with.

I try to explain the meaning of ” Here’s mud in your eye.”

Anyway he says I have Macular inflammation and gives me drops and pills. I suppose he would have noticed a detached retina so I am much reassured as I do not really want to lose my eyesight just yet.

Strong juju

To celebrate, I lash out on new sandals.


I then go birdwatching as best as I can in my lens-less and cyclopian state.There are tons of birds here.

Crested Caracara
Heermans Gull
Mexican Ibis thing. Don’t know its real name.
Brown Pelicans

The food is perfect.


I think I will stay here forever, or at least until I can see reasonably well.

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4 Responses to Huatabampito

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    I hope your retina problems are not a delayed reaction to the time i bashed you in the face with my squash racquet 50 years ago.

  2. Alan says:

    Great looking fish – envious! What kind is it? Bird pictures look good with nicely out of focus backgrounds – is the lens working a bit?
    Good to hear that immediate surgery is not indicated.

    • The lens is OK up to distances of approx 20 meters. Beyond that it will not focus. Very frustrating as there are masses of wonderful birds here. The restaurants are roadside shacks with dirt floors and palm roofs. The food is incredible and incredibly cheap.

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