Mexico is the best place to get lost, or perhaps the adjective should be the easiest. There are very few road signs, indeed sometimes at very important junctions, they are non existent. I am gently heading North back to the States. A kind man gave me a map of Mexico, which has done wonders for my wellness.

The last leg. Follow the yellow brick road. Click on image to get full detail.

I leave from Rosario de Tezopaco headed for Monteczuma. Looks straightforward on the map but it is not. It is wild mountain country that is devoid of traffic. This is great as you can trundle along at low speed enjoying the views.

More miles and miles of Mexico

Suddenly, you come to a T junction with no sign post. The map is useless and there is no phone signal, ergo no Google Maps, you turn right. A few kms on you come to another T Junction, you turn left. After an hour or so of this you have absolutely no idea of where you are or if you are vaguely headed in the right direction .

I stop the truck and wait. 10 minutes later another truck comes by which I flag down.

“Hola. Donde es Sahuaripa?” He points in both directions.

Anyway, I finally get there but cannot get out, as there are no signs to next destination, Monteczuma. I drive round and round the washed out town on dirt roads. I stop and ask a policeman.

I am not sure that this was the best decision as he gets on his radio and in a couple of minutes, two other police turn up in a big truck. How will I stand up to torture? They turn out to be the best guys and want to escort me out of town.

Pablo on left and Antonio on right.

Off we go with me following Police truck through a total maze of back streets.

The High Road to Monteczuma
The policeman with the black balaclava over his head, gives me the thumbs up.

Thank you Policia Municipal of Sahuaripa, I will vote for you.

I have not spoken about the actual drive so careworn was I as to where the hell I was. Mexico is huge! On the smaller roads there is no traffic at all, you are lucky to see another vehicle every 20 mins. You will see many more people on horses. The scenery is very big.

Stopping in the middle of the road is not a problem. You could have a picnic

I make it to Monteczuma and eat tacos!

Tacos de tripas!
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