Cheap Hotels

You may think that the biggest disincentive to camping wild in Mexico is the bloodshot-eyed bandito, crazed on loco weed, who loves to dismember Gringos. Actually it is not that, it is the superabundance of cheap hotels.

I would like to add that everyone I have met in Mexico has been charming, helpful and welcoming. I hope Mexico can lose its dangerous brand.

What do I want from a hotel room? It must be clean. The sheets must be clean. There has to be a hot shower. There has to be Wifi. It does not have to look good because I hope to be asleep most of the time I am in it.

I have over the years been in lots of expensive hotels. They are not worth it. You are asleep.

350 pesos
Expensive – 500 pesos but with beautiful gardens.
Federico and Señora Federico in their hotel courtyard. They feed me supper and breakfast and refuse payment.
I think they were making improvements
Not the jolliest, but filled all the criteria mentioned above.

I set off for my last drive in Mexico. I hope to cross the border in early afternoon. The day starts well with a beautiful drive through the amazing Northern Sierras.

Physics of this anyone?

Then suddenly the tarmac road stops. This is a complete surprise. Within 2 kms there are six junctions with no signs. I spend the next 6 hours battering my way up a very poor dirt road. Once again I have no idea if I am on the right road, other than my iPhone compass telling me I am headed vaguely North. I actually knew that from looking at the sun but thanks anyway Apple.

Well done truck.

It is a very exhausting drive with river crossings, steep grades, terrible drops into canyons. I rarely make it to 3rd gear in 6 hours and a lot of the really bad stuff is done in low ratios. The truck is amazing.

It starts to get dark and I realize I will have to camp out somewhere amongst the bloodshot-eyed banditos. Next thing I know I hit tarmac, then I am in Agua Prieta! What is this I see before me? Yay! A cheap hotel.

3oo pesos!

It is fitting that my last drive in Mexico should be very seriously off-road and that my last night should be spent in a very cheap hotel.

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3 Responses to Cheap Hotels

  1. Ian Calder says:

    Obviously evidence of extraterrestrial activity. Bizarre. I have seen a similar construction at Waterloo, a man made monument to the Prince of Orange.

  2. Alan says:

    Unsignposted roads are such fun – so long as you’re not desperate to get somewhere fast. Then there’s the relief when the tarmac returns.
    Cheap hotels are definitely the best so long as the local wild-life isn’t too intrusive. Wi-fi? Nah – decent food beats that every time. A tv in the room’s pretty good for sampling the local view of the world and playing the ‘what the hell’s going on game’.
    That cone – lovely sight. Were there any signs of old mine-workings about? Wikipedia’s got a useful page on Conical Hills and yours does look very like an old spoil heap.
    Where to now?

  3. I have now not watched TV for over 9 years , All hotels do have hotels have TV but I never switch it on. Very few hotels do food but there is amazing street food everywhere, The conical mountain is in the middle of nowhere and I did not notice and mine trash. It is a messy business and there are normally lots of rusting iron bits and pieces scattered around. That said a spoil heap would certainly explain it.

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