Limping Home

So, I return to Japan on Thursday somewhat broken. My eye problem that burst upon the scene in Mexico is much better but my eyesight has changed significantly and I look forward to visiting an eye doctor to work out what is going on.

Does not work!

More irritating is that my thumb on the right hand no longer functions. There is big pain along the top of my wrist if I try to do anything with the thumb. This includes, lifting weights at the gym, doing press ups, er these are my main activities of course, doing up my fly, cutting things, adjusting turnbuckles, playing the flute, holding onto the handlebars of my bike, boxing, securely grasping big glasses of beer, lifting anything. In fact nearly everything is influenced by having an incompetent right thumb.

No good!

Why, you may ask, have you not had these problems looked at in San Francisco? Simple answer; no health insurance.

Soon, I will once again be nestling in the bosom of Japan’s excellent health service.

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4 Responses to Limping Home

  1. Rosemary says:

    Poor you, get yourself sorted asap.

  2. WJa says:

    Take care Neil. Love reading the quiet ripple!, w.

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