So Long San Francisco

I have been in the United States of America and Mexico for the last 4 months. I now head back to Japan. Farewell San Francisco.

It has been a wonderful time and here are just a very few reasons why I like living in San Francisco, or more accurately, in this part of the city.

My room looking out onto the Panhandle.
My gas fire. So cosy.
We can always park the truck and the KLR right outside the house.

Walking up Haight at any time of day is always entertainment.

Grocery store.

Thank you University of San Francisco for allowing local residents to use your sports facilities. I take boxing classes until my right hand stops working and then a ‘Core and More’ class, which is hard. Koret Health and Recreation Center at USF is truly remarkable – indoor olympic pools, loads of courses, and of course, general Californian good feel; also amazing high pressure showers. I stop showering at home. I lose 9 kilos.

Tiny corner of Koret.

Lyft! Cabs/taxis were always dirty, sleazy, the drivers belligerent, disgruntled. I always felt overcharged, you could never find one. Lyft is a life changer.

How do I love you ? Let me count the ways.

The cars are immaculate and I have never waited more than 2 minutes. I do not know why but I get a 50% discount, making nearly all rides in the $4 range. The drivers are so much fun. All my drivers have been recent immigrants from, Iran, Nicaragua, Algeria, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. They have 3 jobs and are full of optimism and drive. The Algerian guy was from Oran, where I spent 1975-76. Together we chanted. “Sidi El Houari attene nous ballon!” This is the supporters chant of the MC Oran football club.     

Sidi El Houari is the patron Mufti of Oran and the chant, a typical mixture of French and Arabic means, “Sidi El Houari give us the ball!”

Anyway, Lahouari, name of driver, and I wept on each others shoulders on the wet streets of San Francisco. I hear that in some places Uber and Lyft are not welcomed. These people must be Luddites and mad.

Thanks so much to Central Coffee, just around the corner, Every morning, Maia and Chalmer make me my start of the day coffee and make me feel good.

Maia is adorable. So is Chalmer but in a different way.

A 5 minute bike ride from the house is the de Young Museum.

Incredible, if you like paintings of water lilies.

I love standing in rooms full of billions of dollars worth of er art and then walking/biking home through the Panhandle.

They would not let me borrow it.
My bike, not Big Red, but she will do.
My next truck. Notice the finger.

Above all, thanks to son James who has put up with me during this time and given me so much good advice.

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