De Quervain

Some will remember that I have been plagued by a sore wrist and not being able to use my thumb. Pain is the result if I try.

I go to the Onna clinic and they give me painkillers but say come back as the Sensei does not think that this is a cure. It is not, and I am referred to a specialist at Chubu Hospital.

The doctor speaks good English and I run through my symptoms. He is super on top of the situation, asking me to perform various movements of my hand and thumb. He says with great authority, “You have………” Here, he makes one of the strangest sounds I have ever heard from a human.

De Quervain was a Swiss surgeon who first identified this syndrome. His name is unpronounceable unless you come from Sion in Switzerland, as he did. The Japanese version is a bit like the noise a crow makes. Anyway, I have De Quervain’s syndrome.

This means I have to wear a wrist brace for weeks

He also gives me a steroid injection, which I suppose will rule me out of selection for Scotland’s World Cup squad.

Tour de France

The injection into my wrist is unpleasant.


This is a drag as I do not want to wear a wrist brace that hampers all movement. How can I haul up my sails? Rats!

However, big shout out to amazing Japanese health service.

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2 Responses to De Quervain

  1. Jonathan says:

    And a shout out for having the perseverance to get help. I get cortisone shits every now and then in my knees and it’s not a pleasant experience.

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