So Close

Essentially the boat is finished. I do a few final jobs.

I fashion a wooden plug to replace the fuel filler cap.
I attach the hatch cover trim for the 9th time.
I put in the nice new cabin cushions and glue down new cabin carpet.

There are only two small jobs, make lid for sea water hole thing and weld nut onto center plate winch so I can use a ratchet to raise and lower it quickly. These are Kiyuna san jobs but I cannot find him. No worries, the weather has been grim, er by Okinawan standards. Launch is imminent.

Kiyuna san fixed my car!

I drive up to Ogimi to wallow in Irises. There are acres of them.

Probably a week past their best.
Take me to your leader.
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3 Responses to So Close

  1. Ian Calder says:

    Tension mounts – I wonder what the salt water hole thing is?

    • It is a sea cock thing that lets water run out of the cockpit after heavy rain. Very useful when ashore as the major difficulty I had with the boat was her filling up. I now have the mighty Gulper system and the seacock. However we have lost the screw- on cap and Kiyuna san is making a new one. I hope.

  2. calderi says:

    So the sea cock thing drains the cockpit only when the boat is out of the sea? I can see that a good new cap must be obtained if so, and some kind of cockpit cover I guess.

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