The boat has a fine cooker than burns what the Americans call denatured alcohol, whereas in Britain it is known as methylated spirits. Actually it is usually affectionally referred to as meths. Most of us grew up drinking it.

I go to several mega Japanese hardware stores which usually stock everything but no one has a clue what I am talking about. I show them videos of meths burning stoves but only get blank looks. Japan does not do meths. I am very disappointed as I had been looking forward to playing with my stove.

Just as I am leaving one of the stores, an Okinawan man comes up to me and explains that he had grown up in London, where he had clearly drunk a lot of meths, and directs me to a camping store. Hooray, they have meths!

My good friend Al Cohol

I rush back to the boat as Tomomi san is coming down for a picnic. Unfortunately it is raining. I plan to eat inside the cabin but Tomomi is made of sterner stuff and insists on eating outside.

I cook up lamb chops on my happy stove.

Ratatouille, fresh squid, couscous salad, lamb chops, antipasto misto, brie and er bread. Followed by strawberries and cream. All in all, a completely non japanese meal!

She was right. It only rains very gently whilst we eat.

A very Scottish picnic, sitting in a boat in the drizzle. Actually it is quite a lot warmer than Scotland. Kiyuna san comes by and joins us. We serve him a lamb chop and then I remember he has only 2 teeth. No problem as he minces the meat with a knife and then eats it. We spend 4 hours sitting in a wet boat eating great food – highly recommended.

Before lunch we go off on a cruise. It is raining quite hard and there is a bit of a chop but Tomomi san again displays her inherent toughness and is not at all put off. I am reluctant to start sailing until I am confident that the Yanmar will always start and run. I mean she was underwater for 10 years and I expect some toothing problems. She runs perfectly and we have the best time!

Tomomi san at the helm

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